Input from the Street-Crossing Workshops

March 11, 2011

I can't begin to express how much I gained from the workshop. I really appreciated experiencing it from both sides--as the student/participant and as a group leader. The whole process really crystallized how I hope to help my students become proficient at identifying and acknowledging situations of uncertainty.

I have several teenage students and I can tell that this is absolutely the best way to work with them. They immediately tune out if I talk about "safety" but they love to perform hands-on demonstrations.

One student recently was proudly showing off his detection abilities (which are great) but he was nearly blown away (literally and figuratively) by one fast-approaching vehicle. He always has a can-do attitude, which I support, but he also considers himself invincible, which I can't support for anyone. After the car passed, he said "That's the car that would make me go 'Splat' so I don't think I will be crossing here. Let's look for another route."

His paradigm shift was so profound, I almost felt the ground shake.

Paula Tapia, COMS

November 17, 2010


I wanted to thank you for your patience and encouragement before the Phoenix workshop! As you know I am in my last semester as an O&M student, starting my internship next year. Though it took several times to pass the quiz, you were there to guide and encourage me.

I initially zoomed through the reading which I would not recommend! It was the reason I did not do well on the quizzes. The workshop itself was enlightening and gave me a better understanding on how to put all the pieces together!

I encourage any new or experienced O&Mer to consider attending one of your future workshops. The readings and personal stories in the Self-Study Guide are worth the time put forth. It is important for us to constantly look at techniques that will keep our consumers safe and independent.

Thank you Dona for your dedication to your consumers and colleagues.


Ruth M. Romo

October 21, 2010

I want to thank you for the workshop at the Kentucky School for the Blind last Sunday. I was so convinced that I would not understand what you were going to teach us when I signed up. It seemed so foriegn. But now, after only a one day workshop I feel like I can teach my students to competently judge an adequate crossing gap. Thank you for exposing us to such a life-saving and practical teaching tool.

I've been practicing gap detection with my 3-year old student all week. When first asked to tell me when he thought that the gap between lines of students passing in the hall was wide enough to walk through he said he was scared. Now, he's excited about making the crossings. He's getting an early start on wise decision making!

Thanks again!

Anita Medley
Teacher of the Visually Impaired
Certified Orientation & Mobility Specialist®
Desoto County Schools

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