From Diary from China -- Sunday afternoon, August 7, 2005
Feng Feng, China

"Ö this morning we went to a pretty place near the hill temple and donned silk Tai Chi outfits and had our pictures taken doing Tai Chi to put into Master Sunís second book."

It was very hot as we traveled up the hill to the Temple, and walking in the stream helped cool us off.

Friendly sightseeing Chinese enjoyed taking photos of us and I couldnít resist taking a photo of them! Stephan videoed the action.

Master Sunís niece, Master Sun and Stephan posed atop the hill. The panoramic view was obscured by heavy pollution and included silhouettes of the smokestacks of several factories.

Master Sunís niece took photos of us posing in silk Tai Chi outfits for his upcoming book.

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