A Sleigh Ride Through the Mountains of Austria

One of the (many!) highlights of our trip was a sleigh ride. Our tour guide Karin arranged for her friend Herte to drive us about an hour and a half from Salzburg to get there (click here to read about it in the journal).
While waiting for the driver, we got a light lunch at the inn.

The driver fixed our blankets and off we went!

When we rode through the "canyon" between the barn and the inn, our driver started a slow, beautiful yodel, and yodelled in greeting to people before we left the town.

After we were in the quiet, beautiful wooded mountains, our driver got out to walk beside the sleigh.

A covered sleigh passed us coming the other way. After riding for about an hour, we reached a rustic tavern, and warmed our hands on the ceramic stove.

The mountains were barely visible because of the snow, but inside the tavern was a photo that showed the scene in the summer (below, right).

We made an angel in the snow (below, left) and marveled at the size of their snow plow!

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