(from Diary December 11, 2006)

Accessibility Research by Mitsubishi and Ikeno Thuken, Japan
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[bottom left] Researchers (from left) Takayoshi Matsumura (of Ikeno Thuken) and Hirohiko Ohkubo and Kunio Kurachi (of Mitsubishi) with Dona at their test site at the University of Tokyo. [bottom right] Dona and Stephan hold prototypes of the device that combines GPS, RAIS, and other features.
photo shows the three researchers and Dona, standing and smiling in a large gymnasium-sized room with a row of tactile bars on the floor.  Dona is holding a white cane in one hand and in the other is a device about 6 inches long. Dona and Stephan stand along the tactile rows in the large room, each holding a white cane in one hand and a device about 6 inches long in the other.

[bottom left] Dona follows detectable strip with prototype device which "reads" messages at points along the strip. (photo courtesy of Hirohiko Ohkubo, Mitsubishi Precision Company)
[bottom right] Hirohiko Ohkubo (left) and Kunio Kurachi with Dona at a "Pedestrian Information and Communications Systems" installation in Tokyo, Japan
Dona has her eyes closed and uses a white cane to walk along the tactile row, holding the receiving device in her other hand. photo shows all three standing on the sidewalk and smiling at the camera.

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