(from Diary November 27 & 30, 2006)

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Participants at the conference -- Chinese translations was provided through headphones.
two photos show a large room with standing room only, and an empty stage flanked with flags. two photos show a large room with standing room only, and an empty stage flanked with flags.

Conference workers (many from the Hong Kong Society for the Blind) distribute headphones for translations in exchange for a name tag, to be returned at the end of the session.
Five people stand behind tables with large cases full of headphone equipment and smile.

[Left, below]: Chalam Yam-iam, O&M specialist from Thailand, presents at the International Mobility Conference.
[Right, below]: Lynda Chung (on the left of the bench), who had helped us so much with the Chinese for the powerpoint, sits in the back of the conference room.
Chalam Yam-Iam is standing behind the podium -- behind him are a row of flags. photo looks toward the back of the room where Lynda and 7 other people are sitting on a platform. In front of them is a man wearing headphones and listening to the presentation.

Participants from Taiwan at the dinner cruise the last night of the conference - Peggy, Grace, (Liu I-Chun) and Claire (Chi Hui-Lien).
3 women sit at the dinner table and smile, one holds up two fingers in a 'V'

Conference Banquet
(from Diary November 27, 2006)

Students perform a percussion piece for the IMC participants at the opening ceremony.
sitting on the stage are 6 children with drums and percussion instruments.

At the banquet the first day, a Chinese dragon makes his way among the unsuspecting participants [left below], then performs on stage [right].
photo shows two people sitting at a table and applauding unaware that behind them is a Chinese dragon approaching the stage. the dragon is on stage with Dennis Cory and another speaker.

Our dinner table companions from China and Hong Kong.
Six men set at the table smiling at the camera. Five men sit at the table while Dona stands behind them -- she and David are making the 'I-love-you' sign

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