O&M Lesson in Bangkok, Thailand
From Diary from Asia Wednesday, November 22, 2006

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Photo shows both students crossing a quiet two-lane street with no traffic, coming from a sidewalk cluttered with vending stands and banners.  Both students are using canes and carrying a large bag of popcorn, one has a mailing envelope tucked under his arm.  One student is walking by himself and approaching close to the camera, the other is about 10 or 15 feet behind and is approached by two people, one of whom is wearing a yellow jacket and offering his arm on the student's left side, the other is on the student's right and reaching out to hold his right arm.

People offered assistance when they saw blind people crossing the street (the person with the yellow sleeves offering his arm is a stranger, the person touching the elbow of the blind traveler is Prasop, one of the O&M instructors).

Photo shows the first student walking along the sidewalk with a bus on his right and people waiting along a railing on his left.  The other student is behind him but is not visible in the photo.

Approaching a bus stop on the way back to the center, after buying a mailer at the post office, and some flavored popcorn from a vendor.

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