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Photo shows Dona holding a white cane and walking across a stone road on stepping stones about a foot square. On the left is Stephan, who is tall and wearing a blue button-down shirt, next is Dona wearing a brown blazer and long skirt, then is Paul wearing a suit and tie and holding his arms around Dona and his bride Jomania who wears a white wedding dress with straps, the bottom of the skirt is white translucent lace.  She is standing next to Fred who wears a dark suit and tie.  All are smiling.  Green spring wreathes are on the white wall behind the wedding party and on the podium beside them. Standing in front of trees and smiling are Stephan with a mustache, goatee and short curly brown hair, Jomania with a black dress with black lace around the neck and shoulders, Paul with a goatee, Mark the groom wearing a dark suit and tie with Jill holding flowers and wearing a white wedding dress with straps and an opaque white shawl or jacket, Fred and Dona.  All men have suits and ties, and Dona is wearing a cream-colored scoop-necked short-sleeved dress. Photo shows Fred, who has a beard, standing in front of an audience who is taking notes;  Fred is behind a table and placing a large piece of foamboard on the table. Photo shows baby Thea about 2 weeks old, being held by her father Mark while Dona smiles and looks over Mark's shoulder, holding Thea's arm. Dona stands with her son Paul and his wife Jomania in front of an American flag.  Jomania is holding her new certificate of citizenship. Photo shows Dona with Denise Guitar on her left and Josee Martin on her right -- they are all looking at the camera and smiling broadly with their arms around each other, each wearing a jacket and a name tag.

Welcome to Dona's personal / family page -- enjoy! [captions for photos are below]

  • Supporting YOU as an Activist through the works of Jean-Robert Bayard
    My mother, Dr. Jean-Robert Bayard dedicated the last years of her life to writing a book to support activists, and my son Stephan fulfilled his promised to publish and promote it after she died. When he died in January, 2021, I committed myself to giving the book to activists who need it, and doing workshops to engage activists with some of the highlights of the book.

  • Celebration of Life -- Stephan Sauerburger, February 10, 1982 - January 15, 2021
    On my son Stephan's 39th birthday, about 100 friends and family gathered from across the country and around the world to celebrate and commemorate his life. They shared stories, laughed and cried, and talked about struggles and accomplishments, bridging the gaps with interpreters in 3 languages and scrambling to accommodate a fourth.

  • Highlights of family and career by April Mills - I was interviewed by April Mills, who was a student in the O&M program at Portland State University, and was very touched with her report (hearing and seeing my mentor, Stan Suterko, sharing his insight brought me to tears!).

  • CaringBridge Journal of Paul's Story shares our experiences in the strange and mysterious world of brain injury, with insights from our "brain whisperer," Dr. Cyndy Greenacre. Hopefully, sharing these stories may help others going through similar situations.

  • Cruising the Mediterranean! - Highlights of one my best travels ever, including the amazing city of Venice in 2014.

  • Jomania Sauerburger becomes an American citizen! - My daugher-in-law Jomania, born in Lebanon, became an American citizen October 24, 2012.

  • Mom and Boogyboarding - my friends and I rode boogyboards in honor of my Mom.

  • Awards - acceptance speeches discuss innovations, best practice, and pride as a practitioner.

  • Learning to be an O&M specialist in the Class of 1969 -- I share what was it like to be in a university O&M program before there were textbooks!

  • Fred and Dona's Excellent Adventures -- we celebrated our 40th anniversary with a tour of "Christmas in Austria" and Germany, including an adventure at Castle Sauerburg.

  • Civil War/Homestead letters - excerpts from book "I Seat Myself to Write you a Few Lines."

  • Sauerburgers "Come Home" At Last - Fred and I visit family property in the middle of the desert in Deming, Arizona, 2008.

  • Nanta and her daughter Ann come to America - more than 40 years after we met at the school for the blind in Thailand, Nanta comes to visit, 2008.

  • Diaries from Asia - trip of a lifetime with a son who speaks the language.

    Links to family websites:
    (Brother) David Bayard's Samurai Woodworks -- "You dream. I build"
    (Brother) David Bayard's Skyboy Photos
    (Cousin) Bruce Bayard's Digital Art
    (Cousin) Bonnie Bayard's Landscape Architect
    (Daughter-in-law) Jill Sauerburger's Printmaker's page

    Captions for photos above:
    [left] Dona crossing a street in Pompeii on her Mediterrean cruise in 2014.
    [second from left] Wedding of Fred and Dona's oldest son Paul and his bride Jomania, March 4, 2003 (youngest son Stephan at the left).
    [third from left] Wedding of Fred and Dona's son Mark and his bride Jill, July 9, 2004 (l-r: Stephan, Jomania, Paul, Mark, Jill, Fred, Dona).
    [middle] Fred gives a clinic on model railroading to an attentive audience in Pennsylvania, 2007.
    [third from right] Dona with son Mark and her first granddaughter, Thea Carina Sauerburger, October 2007.
    [second from right] Dona stands with her son Paul and his wife Jomania on the day that Jomania became a U.S. citizen.
    [right] Dona stands between Josee Martin (left) and Denise Guitar (right) at the O&M Conference in New Orleans December, 2013, after a presentation about their street-crossing workshops.

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