Photos from “Diary from Asia – 2006”

By Dona Sauerburger, COMS®


photos: Events or adventures not documented in the Diary

photos: Accessibility and Traffic Control in Asia

photos: Tour of accessible features at West Rail train station and Lingnam University in Hong Kong

photos: Blind travelers on an orientation and mobility lesson in Bangkok, Thailand

photos: Bat cave near Thai National Forest

photos: Thai National Forest

photos: Climbing an exotic "tree" in the Thai National Forest

photos: Girls in store and taking us for a motorcycle ride.

photos: Spirit houses in Thailand

photos: Chalam Yam-iam’s family and the Buddhist vegetarian restaurant staff

photos: International Mobility Conference, Hong Kong, November 2006

photos  International Mobility Conference banquet

photos: Lynda Chung helps Stephan translate our powerpoints.

photos: Man who gave us calendars at Buddhist vegetarian restaurant in Hong Kong

photos: Mr. Wong and friends in Hong Kong

photos: Carmen at a vegetarian restaurant

photos: Statues in Hong Kong dressed for Christmas

photos: Crowds in historic streets of Guangzhou, and view of Guangzhou from hotel

photos: Li Ming’s office in Guangzhou

photos: "Sweet green bean" fried pastry from McDonald

photos: Toilet in Narita Airport, Japan

photos: Hiroshima and Peace Garden

photos: Visiting a temple near the university

photos: Dinner at an authentic Japanese restaurant with friends from Okayama Prefectural University

photos: Research labs in Okayama Prefectural University, Japan

photos: Okayama Prefectural University students listen to Dona’s lecture; Stephan relaxes with professor and students

photos: Houses in Okayama, Japan

photos: Temples in city of Marugami on the island of Shikoku, Japan

photos: Helpful students in Marugami, Japan

photos: Castle in Marugami, Japan

photos: Views from Kyoto Tower, Japan

photos:  Accessible bus stop announces approaching buses

photos: Gingerbread houses in a bakery in Kyoto, Japan

photos: Quaint streets in Kyoto, Japan

photos: Blue Ocean / lights in Tokyo, Japan

photos: Christian missionary center in Tokyo, Japan

photos: Dinner companions in Tokyo, Japan

photos: Research / accessibility projects by Mitsubishi / University of Tokyo


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