Mobility muff for tactile communicating in cold weather

photo shows a mobility muff, which is a tube of fabric about a foot long and half as wide, with cuffs on each end.

A mobility muff can keep hands warm while communicating tactilely in cold weather
(see "Instructions to Make a Mobility Muff").

Photo shows Dona and Steven outside wearing jackets.  Dona's right hand is fingerspelling the letter F (thumb and first fingers together, other 3 fingers straight up) and Steven's left hand is on her hand.  Their other hands have gloves on.  Steven's head is facing down with a slight frown, and Dona is not smiling. Photo shows Dona and Steven again, everything is the same except there is a mobility muff covering the hands that were communicating (each of their hands is inserted in one end of the fabric tube).  Steven looks relaxed and both are smiling.

Grateful appreciation to Steven Evans for being photographed using the mobility muff.

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