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Self-Study Guide:
Preparing Visually Impaired Students for Uncontrolled Crossings

photo shows a stick figure with question marks around the head.  It is facing a crosswalk of two lanes -- about 20 feet to the right, cars are going around a roundabout -- it is unclear whether they will continue to circle the roundabout, or approach the crosswalk. Photo shows a person standing on an island waiting to cross one lane of right-turning traffic.  A crosswalk is painted from the island across one lane to the sidewalk on the corner.  A long line of cars is approaching the crosswalk, and there is no traffic signal for that traffic. Photo shows Dona and two participants in the gazebo. Dona is talking with animation. Photo shows a row of computers, with one woman sitting in front of a computer and another woman standing behind her, both of them laughing and triumphantly throwing their hands up.  Other women sit at other computers and a man points to something on one of their screens.

whose deaths in 1987 alerted us to the insidious changes at crossings with no traffic control, such as Situations of Uncertainty,
AND GORDON PARKS, who was killed in 2010 while crossing in a Situation of Uncertainty.
May their memory inspire and remind us to prepare our students to assess and cross these streets safely.

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