Effective techniques for deaf-blind people to communicate with the public

Expressive (deaf-blind person communicates):
  • gestures
  • voice / recording [Attention Getter]
  • notes / cards / brailtalk
  • Symbols / pictures / map

    Public response (deaf-blind person MUST explain to others how to do it!):
  • tap the person to alert that they're ready to help (DON'T use tapping as a cue to get off the bus or cross the street!)
  • write or spell (print on palm [see below for suggestions], paper and marker, braille/print; alphabet glove)
  • speak (if deaf-blind person can hear or see speech)
  • yes-no signal (shake head, or tap once for "yes" twice for "no", 3 times for "I don't know")
  • action (point, guide, bring merchandise, etc.)
  • structured response -- limiting possible responses (to be speedy or understandable)

    Suggestions for using Print on Palm ("POP"):

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