Conditions of crossing -- Situation of Uncertainty?
(from "Another Tragedy -- Can We Learn Any Lessons?")

Photo shows a two-lane street.  A small auto-repair shop with a wide entrance into the parking area is on the other side. In the grass nearby with flowers is small white cross saying 'Gordy' and 'Wendy.'
Gordon, who was 68 years old, had been totally blind since he was a boy, and was a fiercely independent man.*     He and his guide dog Wendy often walked to town (Moorestown, NJ -- just outside of Philadelphia). Gordon usually cut through an apartment complex and then crossed Camden Avenue in front of the auto repair shop next to the complex (shown in the photo to the left).

Gordon would usually stand at the entrance of the auto repair shop and holler to let the mechanics know he wanted help to cross. But sometimes he and Wendy crossed alone, and when coming back home they usually crossed without help. This morning was one of those times that Gordon and Wendy crossed by themselves.

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