Study Questions

WHEW! You've covered a LOT of material that conveys essential information! Before you proceed, you might want to take a break and make sure you understand this information -- these questions cover all the essential information you've learned so far.

1. What assumption about crossings with no traffic control is no longer true? (Review) What evidence do we have for this? (Review)

2. Are there situations today in which we can not be confident it is clear to cross even though it is quiet and we hear no vehicles approaching? (Review)
     Are there any situations today where we can be confident that it is clear to cross whenever it is quiet? (Review)

3. Are there any rules or guidelines for figuring out whether you are in a situation of uncertainty for gap judgment, other than observing how well you can hear or see the vehicles? (Review) That is, are there any features of intersections (such as hills and bends, width of the street, etc.) that can predict whether or not there is a Situation of Uncertainty for gap judgment? (Review)

4. Can we rely on crossing strategies such as starting to cross with a car that was waiting at the stop sign on the parallel street beside us? (Review)