People with Disabilities in Asia Observations from Travels

By Dona Sauerburger, COMS



When traveling through China in the summer of 2005, and through Thailand, Hong Kong, and Japan in 2006, I was able to observe features of accessibility, people traveling with disabilities, and intersection and signal designs. I wrote about these throughout the Diary from China and the Diary from Asia, and excerpts and photos have been concentrated in the following:


2005 trip to China:

Observations on Traffic and Pedestrians and People with Disabilities in China


2006 trip to Thailand, Hong Kong, Guangzhou (China) and Japan:


photos: Accessibility and Traffic Control in Asia

photos: Tour of accessible features at West Rail train station and Lingnam University in Hong Kong

photos: Blind travelers on an orientation and mobility lesson in Bangkok, Thailand

photos: International Mobility Conference, Hong Kong, November 2006

photos International Mobility Conference banquet

photos: Research labs in Okayama Prefectural University, Japan

photos: Accessible bus stop announces approaching buses in Kyoto, Japan

photos: Research / accessibility projects by Mitsubishi / University of Tokyo


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