Photos from Diary from China

photos Arriving in Shanghai
photos “The Nicest Family in All of China” relax in the evening
photos The alley outside our window – laundry and games
photos Making wontons and one-eyed jacks
photos Trip to farmer's market
photos Trip on the city bus, forced to walk in the street
photos Inside 100-year-old apartment in Shanghai
photos Expedition to the market to buy a dress
photos The bustling town of Yong Nian
photos The "Wang ba" (internet café) in Yong Nian
photos Tai chi demonstration at ancient military headquarters in Feng-Feng
photos Tai Chi philosophy and "attacks"
photos Master Sun Jiango’s first ferris ride
photos The opening of the Tai Chi Center in Yong Nian
photos Town entertainment the night before the Tai Chi Center opening
photo Stephan prepares the script inside our hotel in Yong Nian
photos Visit to Lucy's grandmother and her home in Yong Nian
photos Exploring the city wall in Yong Nian
photos Tai chi lesson in historic tai chi setting
photos Visit to the home of the original yang shi tai chi master, meeting a descended master
photos Master Sun Jiango at his Tai Chi Master’s home
photos Buddhist statues representing "understanding," "closeness to animals," etc.
photos Tai chi photos by the temple on a hilltop in Yong Nian
photos "Tai chi walk" in dark along the ledge
photos Laundry and cooking in China
photo Train companions
photo Man in wheelchair
photos Adventures during an evening in Beijing
photos Great Wall of China
photos Terra Cotta Soldiers – Xi’An, China
photo Deaf students at the museum

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