Kansas City "Early-Adopting Innovators" Take the Quiz
After the first comprehensive workshop on
Preparing Visually Impaired Students to Assess and Cross Streets with No Stop Sign or Traffic Signal
Saturday, February 20, 2010

Photo shows 7 people sitting in front of 7 computers, 3 of them have turned to smile at the camera.

These brave O&Mers sacrificed their Saturday to shift some paradigms and share ideas as they attended Dona's first comprehensive 5- to 6-hour workshop presenting the "Self-Study Guide" information.

They are smiling on the outside but some said they were scared on the inside, as they take a quiz to test their understanding and help Dona test the effectiveness of her workshop and on-line quiz.
Photo shows one of the women at the computer, with a huge grin and both arms high up in the air.

"I passed!"
4 women stand together, two holding their hands in an

Four participants who failed their first quiz line up in the corner and console each other.
One of the women who was laughing with the losers is now sitting in front of a computer, with two of the other women leaning over her shoulder.  Another woman sits at the next computer, and a man points to something on her screen.

"Let's try it again [gulp]"
Photo shows the same 3 women at the computer, the one sitting down is looking concerned a fourth woman is pointing to something on her screen.

"What do you think this means? I DON'T want to fail again!"
Photo shows two of the women laughing and triumphantly throwing their hands up. Photo shows another woman grinning with her arms high in the air, and several people behind her are applauding her.
Hurray! Everyone passed, but it wasn't without a struggle, dropping some cherished beliefs and changing paradigms. After taking the quiz, one of the participants said, "I can't tell you how hard it was, to mark "False" to, I believe, a cue car question for timing a street crossing. Bottom line, I do want to fully understand the concepts presented in your presentation---some big changes from my initial O&M training in 1997."

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