The Power of Technology Leads to Self-Success
Presented by Anindya "Bapin" Bhattacharyya
Elstad Auditorium, Gallaudet University, November 14, 2013

Photo shows a cassette tape and a black floppy disk. Photo shows a tan-colored device about a foot square and 2 inches thick, with a regular (querty) keyboard on one end. Photo shows VersaBraille I.  Its hinged cover is open, showing an 6 braille keys and a space bar, a braille display of about 20 cells, several other buttons, and an indentation that looks like it might hold a cassette tape. Photo shows the VersaBraille II with print and braille instruction books, cords, and a cube that looks like a disk drive, with slots on the front for disks.  The Versabraille II has the 6 braille keys and space bar, 3 rows of buttons that look like calculator numbers, a braille display of about 20 cells, and a few other buttons.
Caption: Bapin fell in love with computer gadgets after his first exposure to an Apple IIE computer with VersaBraille I.
Shown above (left to right) are a cassette tape and floppy disk; Apple IIE; and VersaBraille I and II.

Photo shows a white rectangular device about 8x10 inches and less than an inch thick.  It has 8 keys plus 9 other buttons and a braille display with 18 cells. Photo shows earth in the background and a satellite in the foreground. Photo shows a blue jet taking off.
Caption: Sendero Group GPS: Bapin can use the Braille Sense U2 MINI (left)
with a satellite (middle) to use the internet while flying in a Boeing 747.

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